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June 30, 2007, 1:32 pm
Filed under: What to Wear Where

My sweet little pooch Grover sat perched on top of one of my bags in the back of the car.  That basically reveals how much room was left in our SUV on the trip last night from the city across the bridge to the beach.  I am not a light packer. I suffer from Over Packing Disorder.

There was approximately the top of one small Tumi suitcase available between the bags containing clothes, contents from the “take to the Cape closet”, groceries, more bags containing clothes,  the bag of magazines to read, hang up clothes, the bag of shoes, a few loose decorative items I picked up this week, Grover’s bag (he has his very own), more bags containing clothes, our dinner (which I made sure the cashier put in a separate bag for the ride)  and my husband’s assorted golf items thrown in the way back.     

A passerby would think that we were on our way to a brand new place, moving in for the entire summer and filling barren cabinets and closets.  We have owned this summer home for 13 years now.  The closet is about as big as a small studio apartment in NYC and its already full with what I have labeled as my “summer” clothes.  So what pray-tell was I bringing for this long week stay?

That would be my “favorites.”  I have tried buying two of everything but this only works to a point.  All the household items are great examples – kitchen utensils, linens, cleaning products,  electronics, and so on.  Bathing suits, Gap tee shirts, Fresh body lotions, tinted moisturizers, underwear, socks, hair products, work out clothes and some face products are some others.   The rest I am sorry to report goes back and forth.   

I have also tried to pack light and plan out my outfits.  Each time, I failed miserably.  Just as I know I thrive in the fast lane, I have also realized I need my “stuff”.   Which explains why I brought 6 pairs of jeans on this trip when honestly I will probaly spend 90% of my time here in a bikini (have about 12 of those stashed), a sundress or my tried and true Cape jeans.   

It all comes down to the comfort of knowing you have choices.  So at this point in my life I have been diagnosed (some self diagnosed but nonetheless) with ADD, OCD and now OPD.

Hope you have a great weekend – I have to go unpack.