Daily Cookie

June 28, 2007, 11:40 am
Filed under: Fierce

The expression “high maintenance” has always had a negative connotation.  If someone is described as being high maintenance, it sometimes means that she or he (how true it is) is somewhat of a pain in the neck.  This may be hard for you to believe but I have been described this way on several occasions. Shocker!  I like to think of it meaning more on the lines of having high standards.  And therefore truth be told, I am high maintenance by choice.

In my business you have to be – both personally and professionally.  Would you want to hire someone to plan your event if they showed up dressed like a slob or worse yet, with bad roots?  Events require attention to detail and your personal appearance is always the first impression you make on a client.  A girl once showed up in my office for an interview with fuchsia colored Lee Stick-On Nails (almost as bad as feathered, Aqua Net reeking hair).  AND they were chipped to boot!  Needless to say she did not get the position.

I am getting ready to take a vacation and then home for a day and heading away again for a week of planning meetings.  Honestly, it took me a good half hour plus to schedule all the “beauty maintenance” treatments I am going to need to get me through a week away with my husband followed by an immediate business trip to NYC (which of course means double duty maintenance). All of the scrubbing, buffing, waxing, plucking, polishing, shopping and my weekly blow outs are taking over my schedule.  These words are staples in my vernacular.  Effortless style is not.

But it is what it is.  I am an event producer; time management is what I do best.  Got to run. . . I’m off to my mani-pedi!  That’s high maintenance by choice to you and me, girls.