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June 27, 2007, 9:58 am
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This event  happened a few weeks back in NYC but I thought it was good fodder seeing the mercury is still rising on the East Coast, and this makes it perfect sundress weather. In other words, the green light to dress like a girlie girl.

I was recenly asked to manage the red carpet at an event at Sapa for Project ALS.  The theme of the evening was swapping out real waiters and bartenders with celebrities.  Automatically you knew it was going to draw press and lots of it.  Great idea and what fun!  Immediately, I asked myself what should I wear. 

Now we are all familiar with the PR girls who work these things – they are usually adorable, sporting up-to-the-minute fashion, carrying the latest and greatest bag and perfectly “done” (to quote a  friend of mine).  Was I now a NYC PR girl?  In reality no (been there, done that) but in theory yes (meaning I got to dress the part).  

I thoroughly enjoy my job and producing events both in Boston and in NYC.  But selfishly, I enjoy the NYC ones a little bit more because just about every event is a fashion show in itself.  And the fashion is always fresher.  Remember this was the home of Sex in the City.  This event did not dissapoint.  The weather was warm and the girls came in dresses – all sorts of dresses.  It wasn’t the LBD type of evening so all the new prints, baby dolls, bubbles and jewel colors had their day, or in this case night, in the sun. 

I finally decided upon a great cocoa brown cotton baby doll with gold trim I picked up at Bendels.  I had it shortened to a few inches above the knee and wore it with a killer pair of gold Prada wedges (these by the way are fierce and have the ability to make anyone look like a supermodel).  Di, Mosey and I all bought them (shocker) on our last NYC shopping adventure.  Barneys loves when we arrive on the 4th floor together.  I wore a vintage gold locket and simple hoop earrings.  My only other accessory was a great tan (mainy real but with a little help – thank you Jergens).  The outfit was perfect and one handsome actor (who was working the event as a waiter)  referred to me as “fancypants” the rest of the evening.  Ah the power of a great dress and clipboard!

My point of all this (besides getting to relish in my oufit) is to tell you all to 1. dress the part and 2. embrace the weather.  Sure we love jeans (see my “Summer Denim” post) but its summer.  Get a tan (yeah I know its not healthy but god it makes us feel amazing), show some skin, be a woman and wear a dress!

That SJP is one smart girlie girl. 

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