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June 26, 2007, 11:29 am
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The hazy, hot and humid days of summer are here.  Personally I love the heat, but totally understand the toll it can take on our daily beauty regime.  Bad hair days pop up on a weekly basis, and let’s face it, they put everyone in a cranky mood.  I have long, thick and somewhat wavy hair (thank you Dad).  I have always wanted the kind of hair that you just step out of the water, shake, style and end up with Kate Hudson boho waves.  Yeah right, thats not happening anytime soon so here are my easy solutions.

First, let me start by saying and admitting that I rarely do my own hair.  Rarely being the operative word.  I am addicted to weekly blow outs.  I would take a regular hair stylist over a cook, driver, butler (never a cleaning lady though, would love to find one that did both) anyday.  And in fact would only need said person once or twice a week depending on my event schedule.  Anything more would be overkill and end up drying the shine right out of my hair.  Once again, less is more and I can milk a good blow out for up to 5 days (sorry Mom). So no worries my three D’s of hair (Dominick, Darlene and the latest addition to my team Dean) I will always need you.  For the times I am styling solo, I take your advice and willingly pass it along.   

Everyone loves a fresh blow out.  It turns any outfit into a “look” and gives you that extra confidence only great hair or a killer pair of Manolos can deliver.  But for summer and when the living is easy (or a little easier) LET IT GO!   I tend to relinquish control of my mane on the weekends.  My Boston hair stylist Darlene swears by these products and I finally tried them.  They work ! For soft, easy waves – shampoo and condition (but no conditioner on your roots if you want this to last). Right now I am using davines – nou nou  products.    The smell is amazing and they make your hair feel like silk.  Squeeze out the excess, do not towel dry.  This, I was told by my NYC hair stylist Dominick, makes your hair cuticle coarse.   Spray your entire damp head with Wella Color Preserve Leave In Conditioner.  Saturate it.   Comb it.  Then apply about a nickel size amount of Aquage straightening gel (yes straightening – its an oxymoron of sorts) by scrunching it in.  I recommend styling and drying the front only.  Bangs never look right when left alone.  But the rest just, shake, style and think Kate Hudson thoughts.   

I also have tried the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  But I warn you, it works better on finer hair.  Mine has come out looking frizzy and sticky.  Two adjectives that definitely make me cranky.  But if you are blessed with easy hair and are a fan, try adding the whole Hot Mama line to your summer hair equation.  

You will also find Frederic Fekkai products in my bathroom.  I like their glossing sheer shine mist and most recently my friend Sarah (who by the way has the kind of hair you dream about. . .soft, gorgeous and a color every colorist in the world wants) gave me a super cool FF travel kit.  I am excited to try the whole line. She, and you of course , will have to wait until I venture somewhere where there are no hair salons so I am forced to let go and do it myself.   

Until then, I wish you luck with your trusty blow dryers, urge you to retire the straightening irons and hope you too will be almost famous the rest of the summer.