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June 25, 2007, 1:09 pm
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Denim has become a girls best friend (not replacing diamonds of course. . .but just as popular).  Now that summer is officially here and the temp is steadily above 80 degrees, I thought I would share some jeans I am really digging for summer. 

First, let me tell you I have never fully embraced the whole super skinny leg craze. I do have a few pairs that my friend Maria made me buy (she was named one Boston’s most stylish and can work a pair of jeans like no other) so I assume she’s always right! They work tucked into boots or with high heels and a longer “flowy” top.  However, boots are not part of my summer wardrobe and I have found some great happy mediums called “straight” legs .  I am average height and much more of a fan of the whole leg elongating craze that was started years ago with the good old bootleg cuts.  If you are the same. . . read on. 

One of my dearest and oldest friends (not in age but in number of years we have known each other) Candy asked me to take her jeans shopping last year.  I started by asking her if she needed day or night jeans. She looked at me like I had four heads so I  explained the difference and what to wear when and where. This by the way will become a regular feature of Daily Cookie.  If you ever need assistance on what to wear to any type of event please post a comment or question.  

Day jeans.  What to wear running around all day, either shopping or lunching with friends, taking the kids to the park, or in my case to the office (in my industry and business its cool. . .if you are in investment banking or any other corporate environment, I would stick with their established dress codes.  My guess is no jeans.)  I love Rich and Skinny jeans for daytime.  Two styles – the light wash straight legs and the full wide legs.  The straight legs are super straight borderline skinny but they work.  Wear them with a long tank or longer flow top and always a heel.  Wedges are tough here.  If your jeans fit comfortably over the wedge and are long enough, then try.  The break is important.  The wide legs are a slightly darker wash and have white stitching – great for summer.  Wear them with a fitted tank, minimal accessories and a wedge shoe, cool kicks or flip flops.  Less is more with these jeans.  Staple outfit for taking a ferry to an island.  

Maria and I both bought a new pair of jeans recently that at first I thought I was going to hate for two reasons – skinny leg and sticker shock.  I tried them on and it was love at first sight.  These are rock star jeans and deliver immediate satisfaction. And I admit I wear these both day and night depending on my mood.  They are made by Dundop  stanDart in the royal wash.    They work because the skinny legs are slit at the bottom making them fit over any heel and lengthening your legs.   Did I mention your ass is killer in these too? Think layered tanks, skulls and crosses, fitted jackets and a sexy shoe.    

I also love a pair of jeans I got last summer at the suggestion of P.  They are a true bootleg and are one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans ever and exude laidback coolness.  Melting Pots– Natasha style.   I live in them every weekend on Cape Cod. 

Night jeans.  Easily translated to going out at night jeans.  I am really into my Notify’s at the moment.  Got a pair in the fall that I wore constantly and just got the same pair but in the summer weight.  I love the dark wash.  Instant glamour, instant sleekness.  These jeans take 5 pounds off.   The style is Anemone.  There are a lot of them – all different washes.  Work with an associate and make sure you buy what you want. Wear these with an attitude, killer heels and a sexy top.  Think Sex in the City. 

White jeans.  Another summer staple that will take you from day to night. I always go a size bigger in white jeans.  Get over it – a better fitting jean is always more flattering and remember white shows everything.  I love two pairs this season.  The first I own and have already sported both during the day and at two different events.  The second I am on the hunt for.   AG makes the first.  The Kiss – they are a classic simple bright white with a slight bootleg.  They look great dressed up and fancy pants or with a cute little tee-shirt or tank and flip flops. I prefer them dressed up and with a metallic wedge shoe.  Wear these babies and I promise you are automatically more kissable. The pair I am trying to find are made by another favorite of mine True Religion.   They have a white pair in stores now with emphasized gold stitching.  They are a little more rock and roll and therefore do not require a lot to make them look fierce.  If you have spotted them around please share the wealth! 

Whether you need (oh good lord who really needs another pair of jeans let’s try again) Whether you want day or night jeans make sure they are a much lighter fabric and easy wash.  You don’t need the heavy, stiff fabrics or treatments now. As sleek and long as you may look, a sweaty ass is never fierce.